Future Champs (everyone)


Future Champs (everyone)

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This program is designed for students ages 7-15 who wish to dedicate themselves to improving their tennis, with the goal of tournament participation at the local and state levels.  Each day will be composed of stroke and technique development, strategy, live ball drills, matchplay, and some fitness and breath control exercises.  The goal is to prepare each student for tournament play, and graduation into the high-performance program.  

As a Team, Commodore Tennis Future Champs will play two tournaments each session.  We will provide the coaching for each tournament, and we will support each other as a TEAM.  

Each student will receive video analysis of his/her game, along with a complementary 30 minute lesson with the pro of his/her choice.  

Days Per Week:
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Future Champs: 3:30-5:30 PM

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Pricing for Full Semester Aug 26-Dec 19, 2019

1 day/week $750/Session
2 days/week $1,500/Session
3 days/week $2,125/Session
4 days/week $2,800/Session