High Performance/Commodore Elite


High Performance/Commodore Elite

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This program is for Elite Tournament players, ages 12-18, who have designs on college tennis, as well as local, state, national and international junior tennis tournaments. 

The following are all core components of the Commodore Elite program

1) Continued Stroke Development and Refinement

2) Matchplay

3) Strategy

4) Fitness/Agility

5) Weight Training

6) Mental toughness training

7) Quick Reaction and Decision Making

8) Video Analysis

9) Tournament play (3-4 tourneys per session)

Members of this group will work out as a team 2-3 times per week on fitness, quickness, and mental toughness.  Further we will employ state of the art reaction and decision making training used at the highest levels of athletic competition.  

Each student will set goals at the beginning of each session, keep track of his/her progress, and evaluate success at the end of each session.

We will travel as Commodore Elite to 3-4 tournaments per 8 week session.  


Days per Week:
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High Performance: 3:30 - 6:00 PM 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Pricing for Full Semester Aug 28-Dec 21

2 days/week $1,770/Session
3 days/week $2,650/Session
4 days/week $3,450/Session